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group photo – mid 2018

  • Benjamin McKinnon (Honours, PhD researcher)
  • Sam Marlton (Honours, PhD researcher)
  • Patrick “Paddy” Kelly (Honours, PhD researcher)
  • Boris Ucur (Honours, PhD researcher)
  • Oisin Shiels (Deans Scholar, Honours student)
  • Aislinn Turner (Deans Scholar, Honours student)
  • Tassiani Sarretto (Masters researcher)


Previous Researchers

    1. Dr Matthew Prendergast (Hons, PhD)
    2. Dr Xingyong Wang (VC Postdoctoral fellow, joint with Dr Haibo Yu)
    3. Brett Burns (Hons)
    4. Kate Sneesby (Chem340)
    5. Josh Harrison (Visiting Masters student from U. Cardiff, UK)
    6. Cameron Bright (Nano Hons, Masters)
    7. James Bezzina (Hons, Masters)
    8. Lewis Hutton (Visiting research student from U. Cardiff, UK)
    9. Dr Bart Vaughn (Honours, PhD – now with UNSW, Business Systems Analyst.)
    10. Dr Chris Hansen (PhD, now at UBristol, with Ashfold and Orr-Ewing, now UNSW)
    11. Gwilym Price (Chem218 – research project)
    12. Dr Phillip Tracey (Honours, PhD)
    13. Jacob Byrnes (Nano Honours)
    14. Catherine Simpson (Honours, joint with Andrew Nattestad, IPRI) – now at ANU
    15. Dr Lifu Ma (PostDoc – joint with SJ Blanksby)
    16. Brendon Roberts (Honours)
    17. Matthew Thompson (Honours – joint with BLJ Poad)
    18. Daniel Hankins (Chem340)
    19. Dr Benjamin Kirk (PhD, now at LBNL, USA with Dr K. Wilson, now
    20. Nick Reed (Honours – joint with BLJ Poad)
    21. Chris Dunstan (ugrad RA)
    22. Dr Matt Griffiths (RA)
    23. Celli Lloyd (Honours)
    24. Brad Speed (Chem340)
    25. Sam Gorman (Chem340)
    26. Phil Cooper (Chem340, Honours)
    27. Tom Griffiths (Chem340, Honours)
    28. Pramesh Hettiarachchi (Honours)
    29. Shaun Galvan (visiting UC Irvine, Sci292)
    30. Brendan Wright (Nano301)
    31. Tom O’Brien (Chem218)
    32. Leo Stevens (Chem340)