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Collaboration with Ellis, Blanksby and others on activation of lipid ozonides is published in JASMS

Shane Ellis (U Maastricht) and Steve Blanksby (QUT) and others collaborated with our Lab on laser activation of selected lipid ozonides. The paper is now online:



Goodbye Lewis

Lewis Hutton, our visiting Cardiff research student heads back home. He worked with us. for 8 months, to establish new a electrodynamic levitation device for the storage and chemical study of microdroplets. Thanks Lewis.

New Honours students commence

Welcome Sam Marlton, Paddy Kelly and Ben McKinnon who have started their Honours year in the Laser Chemistry Lab. Exciting year ahead.


Dr Bart Vaughn

Congratulations to Dr Bart Vaughn – his PhD thesis “Development of single microdroplet techniques for fundamental chemical measurements” is complete.


Put the Poad Dianion on the Podium

Our joint paper with Dr Berwyck Poad (QUT), Steve Blanksby (QUT) and collaborators at ANU and USyd reported a new superbase – and this molecule is in the running for C & EN’s Molecule of the Year. Vote here:



Best 1st Year PhD talk

Congratulations to Cameron for picking up the Best 1st Year talk prize for the School of Chemistry from this year’s School conference.


Adam visits China with the YSEP China-Australia program

November 2016: Adam visited China as part of the ATSE’s YSEP China-Australia program. Seven Universities in 10 days: Beijing Normal U, Peking U, Beijing Int. Tech., Dalian Chemical Physics, USTC (NRSL), Shanghai Jiao Tong and Shanghai U.

Amazing journey – exciting science. LINK